50th Anniversary Donation Letter

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Dear Parents,

We are proud to announce that 2019-2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church Cooperative Nursery School (DNPCCNS).

Whether your children are currently enrolled in the school or alumni, we invite you to join us in celebrating an institution that provided your children with the nurturing and supportive environment that began their educational journey.

You are a part of our school’s history and legacy, and we are asking for your support.

Our school has the unique quality of building relationships between children, teachers and families. Our commitment to treating each child as an individual, and our dedication to social and emotional learning, is what has allowed DNPCCNS to thrive for fifty years in our community.

On this golden anniversary, we have a special opportunity to envision and plan for the next fifty years of DNPCCNS, and ensure that our school can continue to offer its excellent early education experience to all who wish to enroll.

Will you support us with a tax-deductible donation?

Your donation will allow us to continue on our path of educational excellence, and maintain our facility. To donate online, please go to the following website https://tinyurl.com/DNPCdonate to access the donation page for Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church, and check the box for the “Dutch Neck Church Nursery School Fund.”

As you look back on your family’s years at DNPCCNS, I hope it is with wonderful memories of little voices singing, children playing and laughing, fabulous paintings, cinnamon bears, and many friendships.

Thank you again, for being part of our school, and for your support as we carry our tradition into the future.

Warm regards,

Barbara Fruh, Director of Education
Kim Kelly, Administrative Director

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