A Message from the Director of Education

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Dear Parents,

October is upon us and I am certainly looking forward to some Fall weather! The children are adjusting to school routines and our classrooms are very busy and exciting places to be. Remember that all the children have different personalities and temperaments and adjust to new experiences in different ways. Your teachers are very helpful in helping you as well as your child have a positive school experience so do not hesitate to ask. I am also available to all parents to discuss your child’s developmental needs.

By now you are well aware that Social and Emotional Learning is the foundation of our school philosophy and curriculum. Social and Emotional Learning is defined as the process through which we learn to understand and manage emotions. SEL helps children set and achieve goals, problem solve, feel and show empathy for others, make responsible decisions and maintain positive relationships. Your teachers use a technique called guided play to help children communicate as well as learn these skills. As helping parent you can watch our teachers use a series of questions and suggestions to help the children of different ages learn these skills. In your teacher’s newsletters this month they will also point out different techniques they use in the classroom.  Everything from children’s literature, circle time, music, play acting and movement games help reinforce these essential skills.

This month you will be receiving information from our Good Works Committee about donating art supplies and snacks to the Better Beginnings Program in Hightstown. The Good Works Committee was created to not only help others in our community that are in need but to teach our young students the importance of giving. Better Beginnings is a state funded daycare, as such they do not always receive all the financial help that they need. We have had a long standing relationship with them in order to help supply the school. Whether it be hats and gloves at Christmas time or art supplies, including your child in the purchase of something new for another child helps them to realize the importance of giving to others.

I hope you are enjoying your time in the DNPCCNS Community. Your contributions of time and effort in our classrooms and committees help to make our school such a wonderful success.

                                                                                        Enjoy the Fall

                                                                                        Barbara Fruh

                                                                                        Director of Education





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