During her twelve year tenure at DNPCCNS as a teacher and the Director, Carolyn Watson taught the children a love of learning and of children’s literature by making books readily available to them in each classroom. She started what is now a permanent collection of children’s books for the school, supplementing it with books of her own and from the library. Each time she chose a book, it was appropriate to a preschooler’s level of interest and comprehension, as well as supportive of particular themes and activities in the curriculum. At the time of her retirement in 1985, parents and teachers decided to ensure that this tradition of excellence in children’s literature continued by contributing to a fund to enlarge the school’s library. The Carolyn Watson Library continues to grow each year.

While the Carolyn Watson Library is not large enough to serve as a lending library for our school, parents and children are free to enjoy these books in the classroom setting. Since 1987, classroom “Lending Libraries” were begun by collecting paperback books and inexpensive second copies of Carolyn Watson Library books. These books are available to the children on a short-term basis, with times and procedures differing according to classroom procedures.

Supporting the philosophy that bibliotherapy is an important aspect of children’s literature, books pertaining to important events and difficult transitions in a child’s life are included in our collection. Lists of recommended books can be obtained from teachers on the following subjects: death, divorce, moving, new babies.