Snack Guide

Nut free snacks only please

  1. Bring food and drink for the number of people in your classroom. Be sure to include two teachers, yourself and two extra snacks in case we have a visitor. Something nutritious is preferable. (See page 26 in Handbook.) Water, milk and 100% fruit juice are preferable.
  2. Drinks should be brought in large plastic bottles or cans which we then pour into small pitchers for serving.
  3. Snacks should be as nutritious as possible. Birthdays are an exception.:) It is fun to coordinate snacks with special days such as color days, pajama day etc. Check the calendar outside the door for the theme on your helping day.
  4. School provides cups and napkins. Spoons are available.
  5. Baskets are available for serving purposes.
  6. Prepare as much of your snack at home as possible. (grapes must be cut in half)
  7. There is a refrigerator in Fellowship Hall at the end of the hallway if you need it.

Lend a helping hand at school

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class begins
  • 4 things need to be done before children arrive:
  1. Put paints on the easel
  2. Fill wash basin and the water table
  3. Write your snack on the snack board
  4. Sign the calendar hanging next to the work room

Relax and enjoy interacting with the children through 1st circle. After 1st circle assist children with project in groups of 2 to 4

At clean-up time:

  1. Give sponges to the table washers 
  2. Work on cleaning up whatever needs to be done in the workroom ( i.e. clean paint lids and other items from the day’s projects)     
  3. Clean snack tables with soap and water first and then clean with bleach solution in preparation for snack.

Prepare and put out snack

Assist with hand washing in the bathroom

After snack, please wash pitchers, bleach tables, sweep floor and empty trash cans into large garbage can in the workroom.