March 2019 – Message from the Director of Education

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Dear Parents,

I am sure you are as anxious as I am to see warmer weather arrive and have our little friends get some much needed outside time. They are so much happier when they can get outside and run!

In February and March, the teachers took part in two in-service days that I presented. As per NJ licensing requirements, teachers are required to get 12 hours of continuing education credits per year and administrators are required to take 20 CEU’s per year. These in-service days allow the staff to remain current on educational topics and techniques, which contributes to the high quality of education that your children receive in DNP classrooms.

The February in-service discussed early childhood learning disabilities and the teacher’s job in observing and identifying the areas of development where a child may not be reaching their milestones. We also took an in depth look at the three types of pre-school ADHD and how we can help children learn self-regulation and improve focus.

As a social and emotional school, our March in-service dealt with the very important topic of teaching the executive functions. Executive Functions are skills such as self-awareness, impulse control, problem solving, working memory, and perspective taking. These skills are essential to the educational success and happiness of our children. They are not measured with standardized testing and are often overlooked in education yet are essential to successful and self- motivated learning. Humans are not born with executive functions – they must be taught. is a fun and engaging web site offering simple activities that take about five to ten minutes to complete and help reinforce many executive functions. Most of all they are fun!!!!

Optional Spring Conferences will take place on April 3rd and 4th – please look for sign-up sheets the last week in March.

Have a lovely spring,

Barbara Fruh

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