Our Programs

The Curriculum

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum emphasizes the process rather than the product in order to foster a sense of pride in every stage of development.

Our curriculum is rooted in the learning theories of Piaget, the personality theories of Erikson, and the motor and social skills theories of the Gesell Institute, yet is tailored through classroom observation to meet each child’s developmental stage. Our program reinforces social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

During the school year, the children develop a sense of themselves as members of a class; independence is gradually encouraged and reinforced; gross motor skills are developed through outside play, while fine motor skills are honed through work with manipulatives. Activities are planned according to themes and units which are relevant to the children, providing meaningful learning.


General Classroom Information

  • Small class sizes range from 10-18 students
  • Each class has a Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Helping Parent, providing an exceptional adult/child ratio.


Registration Information

A child is eligible for enrollment in DNPCCNS according to the guidelines of the school district in which (s)he lives. Calls to register a child for the next school year will be taken beginning October 1st (or the first school day in October) of the current school year. Currently enrolled students will receive registration papers for the following year in late January. Siblings are not automatically registered.