Responsibilities of Parents in the Co-op

  1. Participation in the administration of the school, individually or through the Executive Committee.
  • Participation in the administration of the School through active service on one committee, as a trustee on the board, or as an executive board member.
  1. Attendance at all General Membership meetings, usually two per year.
  2. Fulfillment of approximately 8 helping parent days per year or participation in the Helping Parent Buy-Out Option. (Half year or full year buy-out available).
  • Parent/child contact information is published in the school Directory in order to facilitate helping parent day exchanges. The Directory is distributed to parents at the September General Membership meeting.
  • A parent is expected to be the helping parent. In the event of extenuation circumstances, another adult family member may fulfill this responsibility with prior approval and the signing of the state Disclosure form.
  • Prompt arrival on helping parent days.  Parents should arrive at 8:45AM for morning classes and 12:15PM afternoon classes.
  • For Helping Parent Buy-Out Option, please contact school office for paperwork.
  1. Completion and return of all forms on time.
  • Keeping school records up to date – including changes in address, phone number, health status, and emergency numbers.
  1. Prompt payment of tuition and other obligations.
  2. Adherence to the rules and regulations of the organization.
  • Prompt arrival of parents or caretakers at the beginning of each class to drop off their children.
    • Morning session begins at 9:00AM.  Afternoon session begins at 12:30PM.
  • Prompt arrival of parents or caretakers at the end of each class to pick up their children.
    • Morning session ends at 11:15AM for 2 ½’s, 11:30AM for 3 & 4’s and the afternoon session ends at 3:00PM.
  1. Failure to fulfill your co-op obligations will result in the following:
  • First offense:  letter of reprimand
  • Second offense:  $25 fine
  • Third and subsequent offenses will be school offenses.  Three such offenses will be grounds for dismissal from DNPCCNS.  There is another $25 fine levied for each offense.
  • Please note that payment of fines for failure to fulfill these obligations, though required, does not remove the failed obligations from your record.  All offenses will carry over for the duration of your family’s membership.

These rules are not intended to be punitive.  Our intent is to make our school a happy cooperative that everyone may enjoy our program and facilities.